A note from the author


Welcome readers,

My name is Corinne and I began my Ed.D.in Curriculum, Teaching, Learning and Leadership in early 2014 at Northeastern University in Charlotte and I have recently begun work on my thesis proposal.

This blog was born from the many emotions that I have felt since beginning my doctorate. My posts will explore perceptions and feelings as I experience them, and while many doctoral journeys will be unique, I believe there is no denying the common denominator that we all share as doctoral candidates.  It is that unrelenting pursuit of knowledge and the desire to sustain and advance said knowledge in our fields.  For me, it has been a journey inward and a time in my life where I have intricately examined myself, my biases, and my beliefs.  I have always been immensely aware of my own growth and evolution, but this journey has by far been the most captivating of them all.

I hope my words can remind you that you are not alone and that they serve as a source of honest advice and inspiration to you if you are considering the pursuit of any type of doctorate.

Happy reading and well wishes to you in your journey,